says Dow is going to zero.

Well Well Well it’s time to spread F.U.D and lay it on extra thick!!! The Dow is going to zero and all banks are going to be out of fiat by 2019. The centralized financial institutions have failed. Get out now and invest in Cryptocurrency, or get left behind. I have no sympathy for idiots that invest in stock, bonds or the worst of them all gold. To all my readers from all around the world I would like you to turn to the person next to you and say “the Dow Jones is crashing, I pulled all my money out.” Even if you don’t have any in the stock market. That’s how you get back at these assholes. It feels good to hit back.

Cryptocurrency King 👑 says the Dow is down 800 pts and that’s a good thing.

Well the djia (Dow) is Down 800 points and that’s what they get for investing in centralized hogwash. I am pro cryptocurrency period. Wall Street will come crashing down again and that’s what they deserve for spreading F.U.D! if you have fiat in that losing system pull it out and put it into CRYPTOCURRENCY, any cryptocurrency, and always Do your own homework Marv!!!

Cryptocurrency King 👑 says trade your green wall street toilet paper for cryptocurrency today.

look I don’t care what you do I’m just saying, if you are going to purchase some cryptocurrency hold it. Do not sell it out of FUD.  Sell it for a major profit or trade it for another. This is not financial advice just an opinion. There are Hundreds and Hundreds to choose from so trade your green wall street toilet paper for cryptocurrency today.

Cryptocurrency King 👑